An important part of the Veluwe lies within the municipal boundary of Ede, of which `The National Park De Hoge Veluwe` is overwhelming. You will find beautiful forests in our area, but also heath, drifting sand and fens and ponds. The fact that you can find so many different landscapes together is unique in the Netherlands. The sanddunes in our area are among the most beautiful and important on the Veluwe. This is especially true for the vast ‘Wekeromse Zand’. Other nature reserves are: `De Zanding`, `Deelerwoud`, `Planken Wambuis`, `De Sijsselt`, `the Lunterse Buurtbos` and the `Eder- and Ginkelse Heide` with their flocks of sheep. The woods and heath are freely accessible to everyone, with parking and picnic areas. Always take your own waste with you, and stay on the paths. This way we can enjoy living together with the animals and nature in this area.

  • National Park de Hoge Veluwe
  • Eder- en Ginkelse Heath
  • Wekeromse sanddunes
  • Wildlife lookout the Valeberg
  • Centerpoint of the Netherlands
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